Nur Hazwani

Iman Childcare (Tampines)

Nur Hazwani
11 May

SSDB 2021 - Sustainable Garden: Upcycling Plastic Bottles

Iman Childcare Tampines had it’s Start Small Dream Big Launch Party on 10 May. The theme for our SSDB project is “Sustainable Garden: Upcycling Plastic Bottles”. This year, we will be upcycling plastic bottles by making plant pots out of them. It will be a long process of collecting plastic bottles, upcycling them into plant pots, making a sustainable garden out of the plants and having charity sale. So first, we start small by penning our thoughts on recycled postcards.Our teachers help us built a recycling corner for our plastic bottles. See us turn our playground into a big sustainable garden in the city.

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