My First Skool @ Pasir Ris Blk 234/ 487/ 486

10 Oct 2021


Last year, for our SSDB project, we donated food to foreign workers. This year, the children shared that they wanted to donate food again. I looked up and found Food from the Heart organisation and started to ask how we can donate. Mr Bryan Tan who is an executive volunteer engagement shared a list of food items that are on their wishlist. I then shared with the children and parents the list of items.

In the classroom, both K1 teachers - Teacher Zimah and Teacher Zana discussed with the children how they can show appreciation to the volunteers who helped to pack the food before distributing. The children shared their ideas - making a thank you card, a thank you bookmark and origami. They then did a voting. K1A chose Origami and a thank you note while K1B chose to make a thank you card.

I’m so happy to hear the children’s responses and their understanding of being kind to one another. 

Xin Yu: It’s okay if we cannot donate food. We can still say thank you and be kind to the people who help pack the food. 

Myreen: We must always be kind to everyone. 

Kenson: Sometimes we have a lot of food. Then we can share what we have with others. 

Attached are pictures of the discussion, the parents taking a picture of their child at the supermarket, pictures of the child and their donations, pictures of children in action as they wrote the thank you cards and making an origami and a picture of Teacher Zimah, the 2 Kind volunteers from Food from the Heart and the food that children and parents donated. 

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