E-Bridge Pre-School (116 Rivervale Drive)

18 Jun

SSDB 2021: E-Bridge Preschool 116A Rivervale: Spreading Kindness through me!

The K1 children have embarked on the Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) project “Spreading Kindness Through Me!”. It provides opportunities for children to demonstrate their understanding about kindness and spread the act of kindness all around them. 

We start off the project by introducing to children the Kindness Singa, which is the mascot for the Kindness Movement Singapore. We also discussed kindness and children shared about their perspective of kindness.

The children had the opportunity to paint and assemble the Kindness Singa standee and placed it at the entrance of our classroom. The children also talked about starting to spread kindness with their families at home too.

The children demonstrated kindness towards their mum at home by doing different acts of kindness and sharing the photos with their friends. It was an opportunity for them to spread kindness not only in school but also to their family members at home. This experience also allows them to understand that even the smallest acts of kindness are appreciated.

Next the children will continue to spread kindness for the community such as their neighbours and the elderly in the community. We will also be collaborating with Singapore Association of Visually Handicap (SAVH) through various activities in educating the children on how to show kindness towards people and embrace differences around us. We will also collaborate with families to raise funds for SAVH. Stay Tune~

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