Nur Azura Binti Wahid

Modern Montessori International Preschool (Thomson)

Nur Azura Binti Wahid
30 Sep 2021


The theme for this year is “Stay Connected, Make A Difference!” We decided to embark on the topic of “Caring For Animals - Responsible Pet Ownership.” We collaborated with SPCA as well as NParks to educate the children and raise awareness on the importance of being a responsible pet owner.

We organized a fund-raising initiative in school to further raise the awareness to all the parents! We sold customised canvas tote bags, pencil cases and keychains with messages about responsibility and adoption of animals. We managed to raise $328 and donated the proceeds to the SPCA.

The K1s and K2s helped to paint the bags and designed unique animal keychains. The N2s helped in packing all the items that the parents pre-ordered! Children had so much fun during the entire process!

Aside from the fund-raising initiative, the children were also exposed to a variety of activities. Due to the COVID-19 situation, SPCA and NParks provided us with various age-appropriate resources on animals, such as, books, posters, activity sheets and games.

Children were interested to learn more about caring for animals and more resources were provided for them. We also engaged a speaker from NParks to talk about pets namely, dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and terrapins. During the zoom session, children learnt about the needs of the animals. They also learnt about the consequences of pet abandonment and the different ways to care for a pet.

Children were able to use their knowledge and applied everything that they’ve learnt to care for their own class pet!

To conclude, throughout the entire SSDB project, the N2s to K2s gained knowledge and showed awareness on the importance of being a responsible pet owner, caring for animals as well as understanding their needs. They understood the process of pet adoption and criteria’s to look out for before making a decision in taking care of a pet at home.

Care they need, Love they deserve, everything is PAWssible

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