Win Moh Moh Han

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Win Moh Moh Han
12 May

SSDB 2021: "Climate Heroes, Global Healing!"

We have embarked on our SSDB journey and had a meaningful launching party on the 29th April, 2021. Our theme for this year is “Climate Heroes, Global Healing”. Our children have learnt about the plastic pollution which is harming the environment, animals and eventually, the people.

Before the launching party, our children talked about how they wanted to save the animals and the mother earth. Some of them decided to make the posters to raise awareness of the plastic pollution and the climate change, and some decided to make the animal headbands in hopes that people would help save the animals from the plastic pollution. They proudly held the posters and wore the headbands on the launching day while they were performing the songs “Mother Earth” and “Earth, We’re in It Together”.

Through this project, our children will be learning about saving the Earth by recycling right, reducing the use of plastic, disposables and bringing one’s own bag/container/cup instead of using plastic bags, straws, disposables and Styrofoam cups/boxes. They are excited about how they can help save the world and contribute back to the society.

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