Goh Lee Shian


Goh Lee Shian
26 Jul 2021

SSDB 2021: Caring for the Community: Foodbank Drive Launch Party

Our K1 children have successfully launched the SSDB Project 2021 on the 23rd July 2021. The title of our project is Caring for the Community: Foodbank Drive. Throughout this project, our aim to educate the children on the importance of food and how to avoid food wastage. At the same time, we want children care for the community by helping those in need through collaborating with the community partner- Food Bank Singapore. 

Our children performed a skit to show ways to prevent food wastage. You may watch their skit in the video. 

With this launch party, children are ready to start their project with Food Bank Singapore to learn more on the importance of food and to help the people in need!

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