Sunflower Preschool @ Punggol Field Walk

18 Sep 2020

SSDB 2020: K1’s Conservations of Endangered Sea Turtles!

For SSDB 2020, our project topic is Conservations of Endangered Animals and the Kindergarten 1 children of Sunflower Preschool @ Punggol Field Walk delved into learning about the conservation efforts of saving the endangered sea turtles. 

In the first part of the project, they were involved in laying out their thoughts of what they know from prior knowledge of the topic and what they wanted to learn. Their knowledge of the topic then expanded from there where they moved on to what little things they could do to help with make a bigger impact on the conservation tasks.

The kindergarten 1 children too were involved in creating a 3D craft made out of recycled materials to present a majestic form of a “Sea Turtle”. Recycled materials were used to raise awareness on environmental effects too. 

Parents of the children too were involved in this project. The children, together with their parents did a research together to find out why Sea Turtles are endangered and they too found out what were some ways they could do to contribute to conservation efforts. The children came back to the class, sharing their findings with one another. 

E- Stories were created where the children narrated a story on “The Adventures of Baby Sea Turtles” and shared what were the troubles that Sea Turtles do face at the beaches and in the sea in order to thrive. With the e-story, the children too hope to raise more online awareness to the public. They assisted in drawing and coloring their e-story and taught narration techniques. 

To cummulate the project, the children too were involved in a fundraising of selling tote bags. Sea Turtles were drawn on the tote bags to raise more awareness and the funds collected were donated to Wildlife Reserves Singapore for their conservation efforts. 

We hope our little efforts with the young ones can help in some way to give a caring and inclusive home for all, and that means for the wildlife too!

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