Carpio Rochelle Lontoc

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Buona Vista Blk 4 (DS)

Carpio Rochelle Lontoc
29 Sep


Introducing the idea of recycling can be a great stepping stone to other waste reduction practices like zero waste and plastic free living. Especially for the children, recycling should be something taught early and ingrained as a necessary step to preserving our planet.

The children from toddler, N1 and N2 class collected a lot of recycling materials at home and brought them to school. They may be a bit young to understand why we recycle but they gained a good grasp on what items should be recycled and which items should end up in the trash. Children wondered what will happen to all the materials in the recycling bin that they see in the neighbourhood.

Children came across a truck full of newspapers. After a short talk with the Uncle, the children found out that he was going to sell the newspapers to the recycling center where they will be recycled into usable materials again.

They were encourage to participate in creating art and craft using the recyclable materials.

They enjoyed playing games with reusable material and singing songs about the 3 Rs in class.

Let’s start practicing 3R’s!

No one can do everything but everyone can do something!

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