Ms Yati

Agape Little Uni @ Commonwealth

Ms Yati
3 Jun 2019

SSDB 2019 Launch Party

To kick start this year’s SSDB project, the K1 and K2s designed a banner to introduce this year’s theme, “Earth Day, Everyday”. Children learnt the impact we human beings have on the environment through news outlets and research. What we had found had given us motivation to think and do better in our daily lives.

In conjunction with our Singapore Kindness Movement project, a book exchange was organised for us to share the joy of reading, but in a sustainable way. Children brought their well-loved books still in good condition that they would like to pass onto their peers. A variety of books were collected and were set up, flea market style and children were given the freedom to roam around to pick ‘new’ books that captured their attention, in exchange for their ‘old’ ones they had brought to pass along.

Earth Day, Everyday. We pledge to do our part, not only to protect the Earth but to raise awareness on environmental conservation so we can work together, as quoted by Wendell Berry,

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

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