Cindy Chin

MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong

Cindy Chin
2 Sep 2019

SSDB 2018 - Tetra Paks Recycling Ambassadors

Our K1s went on a journey to learn about recycling, specifically recycling Tetra Paks. Through videos and Teachers’ teachings, children learnt that Tetra Paks were generally made up of three layers of materials - paper, cardboard/ paperboard and aluminium foil on the inside.

To kick start their efforts, children prepared the tetra paks for recycling purposes in 4 simple steps:

1) Wash & dry Tetra Paks

2) Flip up top and bottom flaps 

3) Flatten and cut tetra paks

4) Bin it!

Another highlight of this year’s SSDB project was to engage the community on 16 August. 

Teachers and children prepared their own pamphlets which would be given out to the neighbourhood. Through this effort, we wanted to create a greater awareness about recycling tetra paks. At the same time, to collect more beverage cartons to add to our recycling efforts. 

Our pamphlets … ready for distribution!

Besides engaging the community, parental involvement was also important for us to build strong partnerships with them. 

Thank you Parents for your active participation! 

Here are some pictures of our little ambassadors going from door to door:

It’s a wrap! It’s such a rewarding and great experience for our children. Thank you Teachers and children for all your hard work too! 

To end off this year’s SSDB, children and their parents worked together to create interesting Tetra Pak recycling items. Look at them!

Thank you SSDB and look forward to future collaborations!

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