Rashidha Binte Abdul Karim

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Glam Blk 462 (DS)

Rashidha Binte Abdul Karim
27 Aug 2020

SSDB  2020 - Intergeneration

The children were engaged in reading through manipulating with the ‘Beebot’. The children wrote words and sentences on how they should express their love for their grandparents. They wrote sentences such as: ‘I love my grandma and grandpa’, ‘I will help elderly people’, and ‘I will respect my grand parents’ and more. After writing a sentence, the children placed it on the mats. The children were required to program the ‘beebot’ to the words and sentences that they have written. The children managed to program the beebot through trial and error and working together as a team.

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