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3 Sep 2018

Spring Buds kids Learning Campus "The little red dot parteh" (Sembawang Road)

As the title indicates, ”the little red dot” theme, defines everything about Singapore. From food, greenery to people of different ethnic groups and not forgetting kindness. We made a launch on 6 April 2018, planting seeds of various edible vegetables and plants in our garden and having a party of embracing diversities. Parents of various ethnic groups made a signature dish. They presented and shared about their own experience of how they encourage their children to show act of kindness. Our parents have showed us a great example by reinforcing that all kindness start from a small act or role model at home.

At the launch

Our families from various ethnic groups work hand in hand together to plant vegetable seeds and small plants in our garden.

Our learning does not stop here. Our children continued to care for the plants and take responsibility of it.

After working for sometime consistently and with all hardwork, they finally saw “fruits of their labour”. Through this activity, children used their fruit of labour for cooking.

Allowing children to understand the hardwork behind the delicious meal.

In addition, while preparing for our carnival to raise funds for “All Saints Home-yishun”. Our parent volunteers came in to teach us some cuisines to be sold during the canival.

Besides food, the children did some craft work to be sold on the canival too.

In the meanwhile, when the fruits or vegetables in the garden ripen, the children helped to harvest and sold it to parents whom came and picked children up. Parents will make donations in our charity box.

Our children and teachers help to pack ripen vegetables and fruits from our garden, to be sold at our carnival. 

At the carnival, the k2 children came earlier to prepare food and to help out as usher and waiters. Through these series of activities they learn about service and serving people. 

After the carnival, children work together with the teachers. They made a hamper for presenting to the old folks home during our visit. 

The children visited the elderly at “All Siant Home-yishun branch”. The children played some interactive games and activities with the elderly and did some performance for them. 

Our children performing after a period of hard work. 

Our children learnt about steeping out of their comfort zone and approaching elderly to provide care and concern. 

In conclusion even thought Start Small Dream Big is a project, but for our children it became a part of their daily life. Showing care and concerns starts small, from the classroom and from school. Children learnt that they have to workhard, put in effort to earn the fruits of their labour’s and not depending on others to do it. 

Kindness start for a small drop of kind act. 

Thank You SSDB for initiating this project.

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