Jannini Sivapragasam

Agape Little Uni @ Commonwealth

Jannini Sivapragasam
15 Oct 2021

Spreading the love

Children engaged in making crafts and writing letters for their friends in SPD as a way of expressing their love and care towards their new friends.

Children in nursery one and two made crafts such as friendship bracelets, and a mural of their love towards their new friends. 

Children in Kindergarten one wrote heartfelt letters to their new friends in SPD, by introducing themselves and sharing their interests.

Children came together as a class to make a token of their friendship, where they made unique paintings and crafts for their new friends to look at and enjoy, and also as a reminder of their new friends in Agape Little Uni @ Commonwealth. 

Teachers from Agape Little Uni @ Commonwealth and Agape Little Uni @ Gambas had come together and sourced out resources that SPD needed for their children’s development. 

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