Wee Siok Khim Ivy (Huang Shuqin, Ivy)

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol Coast Blk 303A (DS)

Wee Siok Khim Ivy (Huang Shuqin, Ivy)
29 Sep

Spreading Kindness through Handmade Pinwheels and Cards

While most of us stayed safe at home during the circuit breaker, many others were working hard and courageously in the frontline. Doctors, cleaners, supermarket staff, police officers, etc, helped to keep us safe, keep our environment clean, provide essential services and so on. The children learnt about the efforts and sacrifices of these essential workers and wanted to thank them for their hardwork and contribution.

The N1 and N2 children painted and made colourful pinwheels while the K1 and K2 children made cards and wrote heartfelt messages to thank our frontliners for all that they have done.

Due to the pandemic, the children were unable to distribute the cards and pinwheels personally. Hence, the teachers distributed them to our SG Heroes on behalf of the children.

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