Jessie Thomas

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Toa Payoh Central Blk 97 (kn)

Jessie Thomas
5 Sep 2017


K2’s Visit to the Singapore Zoological Gardens on the 4th August 2017 (9.30 am to 12.00 noon)

We are already into our 3rd year of doing this Start Small Dream Big Project. In the picture, you will see the children of Kindness 1, 2 and 3 all from the K2 classes. Went to the Singapore Zoological Gardens on the to learn about the nature of how important it is to preserve the lives of animals that are extinct such as Pandas. Children here learnt about the nature of Pandas, what they eat and how they live though not in their own natural habitat but the zoo is where such animals are kept in order to help us learn more about Pandas and other extinct species. 

The children, though exhausted from their walk, never once complained. They were so inquisitive about the Panda and kept asking questions about the Panda and trying to match what the Instructor was teaching them earlier with what they were shown. 

Children were pointing out to the teacher and asking questions about Jia Jia the Panda and wondering why is he so sleepy and always hanging on the tree. They were excited at seeing the Panda moved back to its cave behind the bamboo shoots. Overall the children enjoyed the trip and when they went back to the school they were able to draw what they had seen during their art lessons and were able to relate to what they had seen to their friends who were not able to go for their trip.

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