Jocelyn Ng Qiaoxin

Learning Vision @ Changi Business Park II

Jocelyn Ng Qiaoxin
5 Sep

Small Helping Hands Make Great Contributions ♥️

Start Small Dream Big Project 2022!

Virtual Live Performance 

This year, LV@CBP participated in the Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) project initiated by The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) with the theme “Our Family, Our Community”. 

The centre planned a fundraising event through the sales of tickets to the Virtual Live Performance. We have planned a Virtual Live Performance with performances by our children and Teachers. With this event, it helped the children to develop social involvement as they appreciate and show kindness to others. 

Children also showcased their talents through singing and dancing based on Term 2 theme topics. For example, songs related to the theme on ‘Uniquely Singapore’, ‘Oh Singapura’, ‘Take a Little Ride’ and also other multicultural songs like ‘Munaeru Vaaliba’ and Chinese songs. The K2 children also performed to songs like ‘It’s a Small World’ and ‘Hello to All the Children of the World’ to celebrate friendship and appreciate people of diverse backgrounds. 

This year’s donation drive included the children and volunteers from the Parent Support Group as they took an even more active role and helped with the preparations and ‘behind the scenes’ such as setting up the backdrop and stage area, photography and videography duties. 

Partnership with The Food Bank Singapore 

This year marked the 6th year of Learning Vision @ Changi Business Park’s partnership with The Food Bank Singapore. After the successful live performances starting the talented children of Learning Vision where they gathered donations to purchase food bundles, representatives from The Food Bank Singapore came to the centre to prepare the food packs for distribution with the children. 

The children and Teachers were proud and happy, that through their small actions, they are able to provide meals for Singaporeans facing food insecurity. 

On a separate activity, our preschool children listened to a talk about the problem of food wastage in Singapore and how to help reduce it. The children listened attentively and had the opportunity to ask questions to help them understand the issue better. With the encouragement from The Food Bank representatives, the children also pledges to avoid wasting food as much as they can. 

Make Someone’s Day!

As part of our Start Small, Dream Big Project 2022, we have also continued our Community Partnership. Part of the collected funds from the successful live performances were used to purchase items for care packs for the community helpers from SMRT and CGH. 

With this event, it helped the children to develop and practise social involvement as they participated in this community involvement project. The children also learnt to appreciate and show kindness to others. 

Staff representatives from LV@CBP personally handed over 60 care packs to be distributed to the nurses and staff from CGH, as part of our appreciation of their contributions and service during these COVID-19 disgusting and making Singapore a safe place. 

As a culminating activity, 4 representatives from the K1 and K2 classes, accompanied by the teachers, personally expressed their sincere gratitude as they handed over 30 care packs to the SMRT staffs at Expo station to thank them for their contributions to make Singapore’s transportation safe and accessible. 

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