Ng Dorothy Stephanie

PCS Bukit Batok Centre

Ng Dorothy Stephanie
21 Sep 2021

Small Hands, Big Hearts (PCS Bukit Batok)

Our children and teachers were very excited in taking part in this year’s Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) Project! We decided to make and decorate handmade soaps as well as cards / posters to show our appreciation, support and gratitude towards the elderly, healthcare staff and foreign workers, especially during this pandemic period.

In conjunction with Project Good Sam, a nationwide initiative in teaching children how to love others and give back to the community, our children made handmade soaps and prepared gift packs for the elderly beneficiaries of our parent organisation, Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) in April. We were very thankful and grateful for the generosity of our parents who donated many items such as milo packets, biscuits and toothbrushes to bless the elderly! Have a look at what our children had to say about their project!

The children had lots of fun in making their soaps! They carefully chose the colours and scents while creating and decorating their soaps!

The children also helped with the packing of different items into individual bags!

Off they go with carrying the gift packs and helping to load them onto the cars of our PCS CBP Coordinators, who then helped to deliver the packs to the distribution locations!

Together with the Singapore Kindness Movement initiative in June, our children embarked on the second round of our SSDB Project by making handmade soaps and posters for the healthcare staff at Bukit Batok Polyclinic! Our children also introduced their project and performed two simple dances to show their gratitude and love towards the healthcare staff!

Our children wrote messages of gratitude to the healthcare workers and decorated the hamper boxes as well!

We then partnered with Jurong - Clementi Town Council (JRTC) for the final round of our SSDB Project in August. Our children wanted to show their appreciation and love towards the foreign workers who never fail to keep our estates clean! See what our children did for the foreign workers!

The JRTC supervisor and representative were very thankful and grateful to receive the handmade soaps and ‘thank you’ cards from our children!

The SSDB Project has truly been a wonderful experience and enriching journey for our children and teachers! Our children have learnt and experienced the joy of giving back to the community and showing their love, care and gratitude to the unsung heroes of our society!

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