Jeannie Tang

Skool4kidz @ Woodlands Crescent Meadow

Jeannie Tang
22 Sep 2022

Skool4Kidz @ Woodlands Crescent Meadow's SSDB 2022 Launch Party

For this year, our theme for the ‘Start Small Dream Big’ project is ‘Care - Make a Difference, One Story at a Time’.

We officially launched our project on the 23rd of May 2022, where teachers, children and parents together pledged to play a role in showing care and concern towards the people around us, as well as the environment.

The objective of this year’s project aims on creating an awareness about giving back to society and to instill the spirit of giving and good values such as generosity, teamwork, humanity and to be a responsible and caring individuals in children. The children will be able to understand that a small act of care can make a big difference to someone’s life.

The K2 children started off with someone close to them — which is the teachers in the centre. The children, together with their form teacher, worked hard at writing beautiful hand-written messages on a paper treat bag, which they called it a ‘Care Bag’ and packed nice treats and drinks into each bag.

They then gave out the Care Bags to each teachers in the centre and thanked them for their delication and passion in taking such good care of the children in school. The teachers were overjoyed with the treats given by the K2 children. What a wonderful way to show care and appreciation to the teachers in school!

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