Kamini D/O Patrick Pandian

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Glam Blk 462 (DS)

Kamini D/O Patrick Pandian
1 Aug 2022

Singapore Police Force

N2 Children from PCF SPARKLETOTS @ Kampong Glam Block 462 (DS) engaged in a community talk by Singapore Police Force. They engaged in various activities of carrying the shield and learning about how they can do their part to keep the community safe. Children were given the opportunity to visit the police car and take a sit in it. They also learnt on the importance of cameras on the vehicle and the usage of the siren. They had so much of fun. In connection with our PCF Core Values “Integrity”, children learnt on the importance of always telling the truth. In par with the SSDB theme “Our Family, Our Community” our lovely children are doing their part in showing their love and appreciation to the community heroes around them 🥰

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