Ms Olivia Teng

Bethel Preschool

Ms Olivia Teng
7 Sep 2023

Showing Love and Care Towards the Lower-Income Families (3)

Through the help of MSF, we managed to reach out to families (who have children under the age of 21 years old) staying in a block of rental flats. We brainstormed on different ways and ideas together on how we could better reach out to these families and came to a conclusion that we could visit and give care packs to them. 

Before visiting, we roped in the help of the parents to bring their children to supermarket to buy and bring in food items, such as Koka cup noodles, ayam brand sardines/ baked beans, biscuits, coffee and milo sachets. 

When the children were done, the PN-K2 children started packing each of the items into the bags with the help of their teachers. 

Pictures of them taken together with the bags that will be given to the families.

On 4th August, the children went along with their teachers and some parents to the rental block to hand out the care packs to the residents.

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