Lena Lee Zhen Yu

My First Skool @ Jurong West Blk 681A

Lena Lee Zhen Yu
28 Aug 2020

Showing appreciation to our community helpers!

Children embarked on the SSDB project in June and decided to work around the theme of “showing kindness and appreciation”. In relation to our curriculum theme for term 3, we decided on showing

kindness and appreciation towards our community helpers. 

As children brainstormed about the different ways to show appreciation, they suggested to make cards and little paper flowers for the community helpers. Each child decided on a community helper, drew a picture of them helping the community and wrote a big thank you on the card. 

Children were also reminded that they are never too small to help. A small action like throwing litter into the bin will not just make the neighborhood clean, but also ease the workload of our ‘cleaning


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