Siti Khairiyah Binte Kamaruzlan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Changi Simei Blk 233 (CC)

Siti Khairiyah Binte Kamaruzlan
25 Aug

Show Kindness, Be Gracious

Changi General Hospital (CGH)

Serving People with Disabilities (SPD)

For this year’s SSDB Project, the children had expressed their appreciation, love and care to provide a little token to the nurses in Changi General Hospital (CGH). They were encouraged to decorate pencil holders, bookmarks and, ‘Thank You’ cards for our front line heroes. Through this, they also learnt the importance of showing kindness and appreciation towards the community.

We also collaborated with Serving People with Disabilities (SPD) Charity Organization to assist us in a donation drive. This helps to support the organisation as well as people with disabilities. Children of all levels were enthusiastic to participate in this project as they hone their creativity skills in creating bracelets, keychains, mobile charms and, lanyards. Parents were also involved in making the products. SPD had organised an educational talk to the children in which they are educated to appreciate, respect and accept differences in the society. With this approach, children are allowed to have a better understanding on the challenges faced by people with disabilities. 

Together, we can definitely make a difference in someone’s life just by caring and showing kindness by STARTing SMALL and DREAMing BIG.

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