Brenley Abigail Bathan

Little Footprints Preschool (Yishun 865)

Brenley Abigail Bathan
27 Jun

Self Watering Plants

The whole school was invited to plant their very own self watering plant. Parents were involved in the process as they brought along empty 1.5L water bottles for the project.

Parents and children were encouraged to drop by on a Saturday to plant their self watering plants. They were guided on the steps on how to make one, then they did it on their own. Both parties had such a fun time planting and they were pleased with their own efforts!

As we are focusing on ‘Caring for the Environment’, we wanted to start a project that would encourage recycling and planting. With the use of recycled plastic bottles, the children would understand that they can reuse their things and not throw it away like usual. Adding on, being involved with planting herbs/ornamental plants would promote love for nature, and appreciation for the greenery around us.

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