Dawn Tan

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Preschool

Dawn Tan
25 Jul 2020


“The future is trash. Recycling it, rearranging it. Making it beautiful again.” ~ Chris Campanioni

With the above quote in mind, our school, during Circuit Breaker invited parents to create a craft work with their child using recyclable materials for our Start Small Dream Big project- a mini art exhibition cum Dragonboat Festival Celebration.

We sought help from the parents to send us pictures of them engaged in constructing the craft together and we strongly believed that “the process is infinitely more valuable and important than the result”. The bond forged between parents and child over activities like this will never be forgotten and it should be documented down.

On the first day of school reopening, children handed the crafts they did with their parents or for some, grandparents, to the teachers enthusiastically, sharing with their teachers what they have made. The teachers seized this learning opportunity and conducted a Show and Tell session for the children to share their creations with their classmates too.

On 25 June 2020, we celebrated Dragonboat Festival in school. In light of Covid-19, the celebration was held a little differently this time round as compared to the previous years. We went ‘live on Facebook! In one of the segments, the Principal introduced the craft works which were displayed by the different classes to the viewers online.With careful planning and adhering to all the safety measures, parents were invited to view the artworks on different days and time slots after the celebration. It was difficult but we managed to make it happen!

The finale of our Start Small Dream Big project saw our children across all levels being the adults’ very capable Little Helpers. Our children were given the autonomy to clean the equipment, tables, chairs and cubby holes that they use in school.

Not forgetting our Living Garden, our children were brought there to clear the weeds that had grown during the Circuit Breaker. With Covid-19 virus here to stay for the time being, teachers sanitised the equipment once more after the children had cleaned it. “Little Helper” event is held yearly in our school and children always look forward to it. We do not want the children to miss out on any learning opportunity while having fun especially so if the activity can be carried out safely within our means.

Through these activities, we aim to help our children enhance their self-help skills, learn that we have to enforce good habits to keep our environment clean and safe. Also, learn to appreciate the hardwork of our community workers.

In all, we were glad that our children enjoyed themselves during the activities, adhering to all the Covid-Safe ABCs measures in their stride.

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