Lucas Children Academy

Lucas Children Academy

Lucas Children Academy
14 Jul 2018

Recylcyed household materials to create DIY toys for June Holiday Programme!!

Putting aside the monthly theme, we engaged the children with a holiday programme on ‘Do-It-Yourself Toys’ where we seek cooperation from parents to bring in household materials like toilet rolls, tissue boxes, left over paints, clothes pegs, and scraps of paper which we can recyce and reuse them in creating the toys!

Making DIY toys not only created an awareness to protect our living space through recyling and reusing the materials, we also hope to instill values of appreciation for children to understand that we can always make simple playing materials with anything instead of spending money to purchase expensive toys in stores.  With the toys that children created by themselves, they will achieve a sense of accomplishment and learn to  cherish and treasure 

the toys better.

Drum using left over cupcake mould 

Connectors using toilet rolls

Yoyo using scraps of paper to create the yoyo ball..

Maze using boxes cover and straws

Mini football table using tissue box, disposal chopsticks and clothes pegs

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