Jenny Tan

Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home (Child Care)

Jenny Tan
19 Mar

Reaching out to the Families staying in the Sheltered Home

Last Friday, on 13 March 2020, the K1 and K2 want to show their care to their classmates living in the Sheltered Home. They discussed and decided to share food items, masks, sanitizers, groceries, toiletries, etc from their home. The parents were informed by the Centre of their children’s project for Start Small Dream Big. The children shared with their parents a list of items that they would like to give their classmates. They created and designed a big carton box to put all the items to be presented to the families staying in the Sheltered Home.. We hope that the parents together with their children will have a meaningful learning journey in the course of this SSDB project. At the same time, the children embrace the Centre’s core values.

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