Gan Si Min

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Newton

Gan Si Min
30 Apr 2019

Project launch: Paws In Hands

The children at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, Newton, kick-started their SSDB project, Paws In Hands this morning! 

The K1 and K2 children are very excited to learn about pet ownership and responsibilities. Working with the Animal Shelter, Causes For Animals, we will be touching on issues such as animal abuse, pet abandonment and the benefits of adoption as well. 

We have a few pets lining up to meet our eager children at Kiddiwinkie, Newton! 

  • GoGo, the Red-eared slider

  • FatBoy, the cat

  • Mochi, the cockatiel

  • A dog from the animal Shelter! 

Stay tuned at our page to see our children interact with these pets as they learn about the ways to care for them and the joy these animals can bring to their lives! 

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