Abidah Binte Abdul Hamid

An-Nur Mosque Kindergarten

Abidah Binte Abdul Hamid
1 Sep 2021

Preparing for our fund raising bake sale!

The K1 children had made friends with students from MIJ, school for special needs, through Zoom meet-up sessions. In the last session that we had, they shared with us a simple Honey Cornflakes recipe. We love cookery activities and we would like to have a fund raising bake sale soon.

In preparation for our bake sale, our parents have been contributing cookie containers.

We had so much fun throughout the whole process of making Honey Cornflakes together as a class. We took turns to add in the ingredients and to mix everything well.

We also worked in pairs to scoop our Honey Cornflakes into paper cups and arranged them nicely in neat rows.

We also baked them in the oven and it smelled so good.

Lastly, we tasted our Honey Cornflakes and they were really yummy. We would love to make more for our bake sale!

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