Koh Mei Ching Adeline

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines East Blk 261 (KN)

Koh Mei Ching Adeline
9 Sep 2021

Preloved for Relove @ Blk 261

In line with the slogan for ECDA’s Start Small Dream Big Project: “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”, 14 staff, 128 children and families of PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines East Blk 261 (KN) embarked on our project titled ‘Preloved for Relove @ 261’ in May this year.

Our Project – Preloved for Relove

We started with a launch of the project on 17 May 2021. We shared with parents our objectives for the project.

  1. To involve children and their families in meaningful activities while raising funds for the benefitting organisations under The President’s Challenge.

  2. Children to be aware that there are vulnerable people who will benefit from our kindness and generosity. To foster understanding, acceptance, and respect for these individuals.

Our project was unique in a way that it promoted the idea of sustainability of a green environment while supporting the benefitting organisations under the President’s Challenge.

Sustainability of a Green Environment

Children and families were encouraged to take the opportunity to spring clean and give their neglected toys or rarely worn clothes a new lease of life. In doing so, they learnt that one’s so-called ‘trash’ can be another’s treasure. This also taught children to recycle and reuse and thereby playing their part in environmental sustainability.

Our K2 children helped to sort and sanitise the items after they had been cleaned and packed the Love Bags (for donors) with some SSDB collaterals and ‘door gifts’.

Supporting the Benefitting Organisations

All our 128 N1 to K2 children were given pledge envelopes to either give outright donation and/or to purchase Love Bags. Initially the plan was to allot families (who have pledged to get the Love Bags) time slots into the arena where they could fill the bag with the preloved items that have been donated.

We took into considerations Safe Management Measures and intended to have one family per session with intervals for sanitising the preloved items.

However at that time, Singapore declared Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), thus instead of involving families, the children took turns in the following two weeks to choose the items on their own.

This unexpected participation allowed the children to be more involved as they showed much independence when choosing what goes into the Love Bags that their parents have ‘purchased’. Even the children in N1 were able to display decision-making abilities, make choices not only for themselves but also for their families by choosing items for their siblings and others in their families as well.

Parents Feedback

Our parents shared in the SSDB Reflection Journals - they were happy that besides knowing that the monetary contributions they made have played a part to help others in need, the children also benefitted from the awareness that the little things they do can also go a long way to helping others.

For the younger ones especially, they have also learned that toys and things that one does not play/use anymore are still useful to another person.

Besides meeting the objectives of this project, one of our parents, even shared that she bought the Love Bags and found so many useful items that she could send to a family in Philippines who would put into good use ‘the very useful preloved items’ (in her own words).

With the close of our project, we are happy to have collected $6006.00 and we, at PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines East Blk 261 (KN) sincerely hope that this collection will go a long way to helping the beneficiaries under The President’s Challenge.

We would like to take this opportunity thank our Parent Support Group for brainstorming with us on this and the generosity of our families in 261 in helping make this SSDB Project a fruitful and memorable experience.

We would also like to thank ECDA for having this initiative and we are very proud that we can be a part of it!


No one can do everything!

But everyone can do something!

Let us all make a difference today!

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