Krishanthi Vijaya

Skool4kidz Preschool @ Sembawang East Crown

Krishanthi Vijaya
1 Oct 2021

Planning and process

The children of SSDB discussed the importance of showing kindness and compassion to others as well as giving back to society. They talked about how children with sickness were affected during this pandemic period. As they decided to help the children from Children Cancer Foundation(CCF), they brainstormed ideas of how to raise funds for these children. They watched video links sent by CCF to gain a better understanding of what childhood cancer meant. They expressed their compassion for these children and wanted to help. 

During discussions, these children were observed saying: 

Myiesha: We must help the children who are sick. 

Ashley: The children need help to pay the doctors. 

Lucas: We can help these people by donating money.  

Aidan Aqasha: We can have a fun fair! 

Isabelle: We can sell things that we make to people. 

Felicitas: We can create games like how we did in one of our Makerspace activity. We let people play and we collect money. Then we can donate the money to children with cancer. 

Collectively, the children came up with the decision to raise money through a fair. They discussed about the different games they wanted people to play and the artworks they wanted to sell.

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