Eden B Araneta

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Radin Mas Blk 21 (kn)

Eden B Araneta
22 Aug 2017

Phase 3: Let Us Keep Radin Mas Litter-Free

April Environmental Clean Up - 28th April 2017 

On this day, we started our monthly commitment to keep our Radin Mas community particularly Telok Blangah Crescent clean and pleasant neighbourhood to live in. This was made possible with collaboration from officers of National Environment Agency (NEA) in the person of Mr. Han Xian Ng. We are very thankful for the resources they have allocated us namely: tongs, rubbish and recycled material collection bags, hand sanitizers and gels, wet wipes, gloves and clippers.

Children kept their eyes wide for litters they come across along the way. They would run to be able to pick the rubbish first before their friends can spot them. A sense of pride and accomplishment is seen from the children whenever they pick up rubbish that each time they do they always called on their teacher saying, “Teacher, look what I have found. “ or “Teacher here’s another rubbish! “

Children were able to distinguish litters that should be placed inside the black rubbish bag from those that can be placed inside the recycling bag.

May Environmental Clean Up - 26th May, 2017

Mr Han Xian Ng, together with his colleagues joined us in our litter picking activity for the month of May. Children from all levels set out at the same time towards different locations around Telok Blangah neighbourhood.

Mr Han had a special gadget for us on this day - a weighing scale. Wooah! We weighted in the rubbish we have collected and it all amounted to 8.1 kilograms. This much was collected despite the earlier work of our community cleaners during the day.

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