Gan Si Min

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Newton

Gan Si Min
30 Apr 2019

Paws In Hands: Sharing on Cats

Garfield and Fat Boy were wandering along the street, feeling cold and hungry until Teacher Radiah saw them. She picked them up, brought them home and nurse them back to health. Ever since then, the three were inseparable!

Teacher Radiah is our guest speaker for week 2 of our project, Paws In Hands.

She shared the story of how they met, how she cares for them and how much joy they bring to her daily.

From this sharing session, the children got to understand how to care for cats and kittens, and how they should react when they see a stray in public.

If they have no idea what to do, they can always ask an adult for help or get them to call the animal shelter to ask for advice. The children also discussed and shared that they should never ill-treat the strays they see in public and it is best to leave them alone if they are afraid to approach them.

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