Kristina Cassandra Felix

Sembawang (SW)

Kristina Cassandra Felix
2 May 2023

Pat’s Schoolhouse Sembawang Country Club SSDB Launch Party 2023: “Light Up With Love” (25 April 2023, Tuesday)

25 April 2023, Tuesday - Launch Party

The children were engaged in celebrating SSDB 2023 on 23 April, Tuesday. Each were encouraged to wear white and/or orange and finish the look with the bright orange SSDB bucket hat! :)

Virtual Talk by KidSTART Singapore

Parents were invited to a virtual talk by KidSTART Singapore to start off the launch party. In this way, parents and children will be able to know the organization and understand the six-month project that they will be involved better.

(KidSTART Singapore, as well as the parents, were invited for a physical visit to enjoy the activities prepared. However, due to the recent two cases of COVID-19 for the past week, keeping our children safe is our utmost priority. Hence, mass gatherings are put on hold.)

Activity Booths

Activity booths are being set-up for the children to enjoy fun and engaging activities with their peers as well as to commence this remarkable journey in helping others!

Storytelling Activity

The K1s and K2 children were involved in a storytelling session about kindness.

K1 Story - Just Too Different by Singapore Kindness Movement

This story is about encouraging everyone to always choose kindness. To inspire graciousness one kind act at a time.

K2 Story - Tomeo and Snow Saber by Kindsville

This story will help to impart lessons on kindness towards neighbours and new friends.

Planting Activity - Small acts of kindness plant seeds of great happiness!

The children were involved in a bayam seed planting activity. It is being shared with the children that kindness is like a seed that when it is taken good care of it will grow and grow.

Each were encouraged to plant as many kindness seeds as they can and none of it will ever be wasted! :)

Banner Making Activity

The children created their own SSDB 2023 banner that is in line with our end project’s theme of fundraising event, “Light Up With Love”

Sharity and Friends: Story and Colouring Activity

The children enjoyed the story of Sharity and with this story they were encouraged to create a more caring and inclusive society.

Always make room for a new friend :)

Kindness Day Activity Kits

The children curated an activity kit to share with our KidSTART Singapore families.

With this activity, the families of KidSTART will be enjoy a story about kindness and is encouraged to bond over the activities prepared with the whole family

These activity kits will be couried to KidSTART Singapore before Singapore Kindness Day (19 May 2023, Friday)

SSDB 2023 Launch Party Video - Pat’s Schoolhouse Sembawang Country Club | KidSTART Singapore

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