Nur Amirah Binte Kemat

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Queenstown Blk 30A (CC)

Nur Amirah Binte Kemat
5 Oct 2023


In continuation from Part B of the project, we organised an event cum donation drive. Families of the children were invited to join us on that day and we then had an exchange where dry foods such as milo, oats, biscuit were exchanged for the plants that the children had planted. It was an amazing time as parents came down to support the cause. Attached are some photos from the event mentioned.

After the event, we planned for a trip to the Multi-Service Centre where the children were welcomed warmly by both the elderly and the staff there. The children performed various performances for the elderly before gifting them with the goods that were brought. Both the elderly and children had bright and happy smiles on their faces during the time spent together. We definitely would like the opportunity to visit them again.

This has been a wonderful experience for all of us in the centre as we learnt how we help one another to ensure that our plan goes smoothly. The children also gained valuable experience as they learned about gardening and giving back to the community. It was also a good bonding experience for all the children and their families as everybody had a part to play.

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