Marina Ho

MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong

Marina Ho
2 Sep 2019

Part 2: Caring starts with me!

On 15-16August, our kindergarten went to the Enabling Village for a learning journey. They made some amazing “discoveries” in that place. Let’s see what they found…

There were different looking trolleys in this supermarket. This blue trolley enables an elderly person to walk around with much ease. The wonderful thing about it is, there was a loading bay designed for it. The elderly do not need to carry the heavy basket onto the conveyer belt at the cashier. Wow!

Seen here, a store manager explaining to the children on the safety on using the machine.

The amphi-theatre was equipped with a special device that allows persons with hearing difficulties to tune in and listen with ease!

Enabling Village has its own inclusive playground! Come on, let’s go play!

Besides these unique facilities, the Village is home to a few offices and business groups. We were so happy to have the opportunity to “tour” inside Assisstive Technology Lab. We were treated to various hi-tech equipments that assist and enabled persons with disability to be independent. Check it out!

Look at all these equipments!

Even the clothes are so special! They have Velcro instead of the usual buttons or zippers. Intention was to lessen the effort for persons who are physically challenged.

A robotic arm! Look at how it moved! The man demonstrated it’s functions and how it can help to open and close doors.

Next up, the children headed to The Art Faculty to engage in a painting workshop. The workshop and it’s cafe are operated by Pathlight students. What a way to end this learning journey.

Caring did not end here. MOE Kindergarten@Dazhong aims to continue to inculcate such values in our children. So a mini charitable fun fare is underway. It’s objective is to raise funds for SPD. At the same time, create another opportunity for our children to accept and include people / children who may be different from us. Because “CARING STARTS WITH ME!”

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