ELFA Preschool

27 Oct 2022

Our little defenders of Mother Earth

“In a world where you can be anything, BE KIND.”

For the “Start Small Dream Big” project, the teachers and children, at ELFA Chinese Preschool at Pandan Valley, commemorated being kind to our planet through Earth Day celebrations to raise awareness about the different ways we can play our part in preserving the Earth.

On the theme of “Protect our Planet”, children came dressed in costumes made out of recyclable materials to understand the importance of reducing waste. This was also a perfect opportunity for children to showcase their creativity and express themselves.

They indulged in various activities to better understand the importance of the 4 R’s (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Refuse) and our role in it. One of which, was sorting the different trash/materials into its respective recycling boxes. 

Children also learned how to plant seeds to create their very own recycled pots that they could bring home. This encouraged them to take a step towards building a more greener Earth and helped to instill a sense of responsibility towards nature. 

Together, we launched the SSDB project by writing down our responsibilities towards the planet and the different ways we can help save the Earth. They pledged to take action by sealing their promises with their handprints.

Children committed to be little saviours of Mother Earth because ‘No one can do Everything, but Everyone can do Something’!

Finally, our children showcased some kindness and gratitude for the staff over at Arc Children’s Centre. Children were extremely excited and created personal photo frames using recyclable materials and different art supplies. Through this, children showed their appreciation for the wonderful work the staff do. 

“There is no Planet B. We have to take care of the one we have.”

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