Krishanthi Vijaya

Skool4kidz Preschool @ Sembawang East Crown

Krishanthi Vijaya
4 Oct 2021

Our journey - wrapping up

To wrap up our SSDB journey, the children had a discussion on how the children with cancer would want emotional support from other children. The children then decided to make cards to show support and encouragement to the children with cancer. 

Parents too were involved in getting their children to draw and write about their thoughts and feelings about their involvement in the project. 

We would like to thank the children amd families of SBEC for their support in this journey. Kindness is the way to go! During this pandemic, it can be very stressful to many of us. But despite that, we can still show kindness and compassion to those around us. We hope the children of CCF would benefit from SBEC’s effort and we hope to embark on this meaningful journey again next year!

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