Naziah Binte Mohamed Sureez

YWCA West Coast CDC

Naziah Binte Mohamed Sureez
19 Jun

Our Journey with Khansa the Orangutan

We have had fulfilling and enriching experiences these past few weeks, gaining more insights about Khansa through various activities. Firstly, we had children to think of questions they had about Khansa, We then, had a session with powerpoint slides about videos and facts about Khansa that answered all their intriguing questions.

Next children were involved in an obstacle course, where they can only move around like an Orangutan. The obstacle course was quite challenging but the children managed to complete it effortlessly, without breaking a sweat! In the second activity, children were tasked to move and swing on the monkey bar, like Orangutans, with the teacher’s assistance. The children thoroughly enjoyed their experiences learning about how the Orangutan moves around, through both these activities.

The children put their heads together, and worked hand in hand meticulously to come up with beautiful 3- dimentional Orangutan crafts.

Last but not least, we headed to The Singapore Zoo to visit Khansa! The children were in awe of how adorable the Orangutan was. They also got to interact with the zoo keepers and gain more insights about him. Some of the children even got the opportunity to feed the Orangutans by throwing fruits across the stream onto their territory. We hope that children will continue to support and appreciate our Khansa.

Continue to stay tuned for our upcoming carnival for Khansa!

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