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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Toa Payoh Central Blk 157 (kn)

Chong Oi Li
4 Sep 2017

Our Journey towards 'Start Small Dream Big 2017'

Start Small Dream Big 2017 was initiated by the Early Childhood Development Agency in 2015. It inculcates values in our young children and encourage them to give back to the society. It also provides opportunities for children to be well prepared for life long learning, active and responsible citizenry and success in later life. Hence, our PCF Sparkletots Preschool@Toa Payoh Central is proud to involve children in developing, planning and implementing the community projects. With the support of parents, children were able to play an active role in deciding what they want to do. Under the guidance of teachers, children were able to display the spirit of giving and good values such as, caring for others, kindness and compassion. Look no further, below were some activities updates from the school, children, parents and the communities. Our journey begins…

February 2017 - To show love and appreciation to the elders, children visited the New Horizon center in Toa Payoh. They brought joy by singing, dancing and interacting with the elderly.

To build a strong partnership with parents, the school invited parent volunteers to join children for a tour to Chinatown for the festive street bazaar during the Chinese New Year.

The school also have children to toss 鱼生 during the Chinese New Year celebration. Teachers and children made a list of interesting phrases to greet everyone during home visit.

Physical activity is important for adults and young children as it prevents them from health problem, thus the school offers weekly mass exercise for everyone in school.

March 2017 - Children visited NEWater Visitor center during the Water Week. They learn about the advanced membrane technologies and ultra-violet disinfection process.

Children also learn to make mini rain garden and understand the functions and water quality.

To extend children’s learning, teachers encrouaged children to grow their own plants. This provides opportunities for them to make own hypothesis and monitor the progress each day.

To inculcate proper hand washing techniques to young children, the school organized a field trip to Health Promotion Board. The fun and interactive activities cultivate the importance of protecting themselves against infectious disease such as HFMD.

Furthermore, the Health Promotion Board also encouraged children on eating right. Through story and hands-on activities, children were able to adopt healthy eating habits at all times.

It is very important for children to learn about safety, who to call and ask for help in an emergency, the school made special arrangement to have a police officer to visit the school. Children learnt about the role of the police officer and crime prevention.

April 2017 - Launch virtual party for parents.

During Earth Day, children created craft work and present it to the public to raise awareness and appreciation for earth environment.

In addition, children were involved in the PCF Entrepreneur Day, whereby they create recycled craft for sales and all proceeds were donated to Singapore Society for the Physically Disabled.

To nurture a love for reading in young children, the National Library Board conduct stories telling session for children in school.

As part of it’s commitment to promote reading, the Molly mini bus has also reach out to the children in school.

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