Nurdiyanah Binte Abdul Saini

My First Skool @ Bedok North Blk 419

Nurdiyanah Binte Abdul Saini
3 Apr 2020

October - Zion Home for the Aged Visit: Exercising with Grandma!

On 25th October 2018, the children and the elderly begin the session with the light exercise. During this visit, we played with the grandma using the outdoor items such as parachute, hula hoops and bean bags. The children and grandma played with the parachute first where they were asked to listen to the command said by the teacher. Then, we moved on to other activities where children and grandma was asked to throw the bean bag into the different coloured hoops and passing the ball.

Most of the children and grandmas were observed engaged during the activities and we could see that they are more caring towards the elderly.

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