Revathi Tanggaraju


Revathi Tanggaraju
16 Jul 2018

Nurturing Our love for Nature

As a first step to start our garden project,  we introduced the names of some common herbs that we use in cooking. We brought in real plants to school and showed them to the class. Children were asked to smell and compare the scents and describe them in their own words. We briefed the children on taking responsibility in caring for the plants and looking into their needs.

Starting our own herbs garden….

The real fun started as the children got their little green fingers into action. With some help and guidance from the Teachers, our K1 and K2 friends planted Coriander, Choi Sum , Lettuce and Chinese radish seeds into plastic containers. At the end of the experience , the children were able to share about the conditions necessary for their little seeds to develop into plants.

Ern Yee K1 Alexandria “ The seeds will need good soil , water and sun shine to grow well”

David Koh K1 Babylon “ I need to water the seeds so that they will grow up”

Transplanting our little seedlings…

Over the days, our seeds had grown into tiny seedlings. Tiny leaves had started to emerge from the sprouts which meant that the sprouts will be needing more room for further growth and development.

With a little help from the teachers , our children managed to transplant their tiny seedlings in the seperate containers.

During the process , the children observed how fragile and delicate the seedlings were and handled them with care as they transferred them into their new homes.

Overall, the learning journey during our initial process of planting from seeds; to sprouting and re-potting the plants has been a meaningful experience. The children were engaged on hand and were able to apply acquired skills learnt from the previous eco- learning at HortPark.

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