Ng Kok Weng


Ng Kok Weng
20 Jun 2020

NurtureStars Punggol nurturing the next generation of Water Warriors - Part 2!

Water Warriors from K2 children learnt about different ways to save water in their daily routines. Ms Nadiah, their class teacher and the children discussed on routines which would be feasible for our Water Warriors to incorporate water saving techniques such as turning off tap when washing of hands, using a cup when brushing teeth and taking short showers.

We played a life sized board game by PUB: ‘Let’s Go Save Water with Water Wally!’ (which was similar to the game of snake & ladder). The game enhances literacy besides promoting locomotor skills of walking and hopping to the designated squares. The class of K2 ‘Water Warriors’ had a wonderful time answering questions pertaining to water saving during the game. It broadened our ‘Water Warriors’ view on water conservation and they are ready to play it again!

And for our closure activity, we invited parents who were from the medical industry (relating to our theme for the term, which was ‘Occupation’) to teach how to D-I-Y our very own hand sanitisers, which would also be a great water saving tool which can be used to kill germs while keeping our hands clean!

K2 義凯、俊盛和宪泽的妈妈的职业有关医生👩‍⚕️和科学🧪老师,三位家长准备了“制作免洗消毒洗手液”的活动😇


Well done Water Warriors from K2! #letsgosavewater

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