Iris Choo Li Chen

Ace @ Work Childcare Pte Ltd (Cashew Heights)

Iris Choo Li Chen
16 Aug 2021

National Day Bake Sales- Got Money, Give Money; Got Strength, Give Strength

In collaboration with Metropolitan YMCA, Ace @ Work Childcare at Cashew Heights participated in the Got Money, Give Money; Got Strength, Give strength campaign to raise funds for the MYMCA beneficiaries. The raised funds provided will be used to provide daily necessities and groceries for the beneficiaries. 

As we were to celebrate our nation’s 56th birthday, to light up the kampung spirit, we had parent volunteers join us in providing baking class or guides to teach children how to bake simple cookies or cupcakes. 

See how our enthusiastic parent volunteers assisted the school in guiding children on the baking process. 

Gavins mother video demo of dough making for k1/k2:

Hong DE’s mother: guided photos pictures for PG 

The children had a great time at hands-on exploration of the entire gourmet making experience. (Photo1: Nathaniel’s mum conducting video tutorial on cupcakes.) 

From 2nd- 4th of August 2021, each class took turns in baking either cookies or cupcakes for sale at $5.60 per packet all with the meaning of raising funds for the needy. 

The school of 40children raised more than $400 worth of groceries. 

What a sale! 

To spread our love and cheer to the beneficiaries, our children also created simple card tags to pack along with the grocery bags. This was done in collaboration with Ace @ Work Childcare (Jurong East) to create 100 card tags. 

Happy National Day! 

Our children, teachers, parent volunteers and families made a difference this time by sending and spreading love through hands on effort in card making and making food. To top it off, supporting the effort and campaign through monetary donations. 👏

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