Yu Yuan Mei

MY World @ Yishun Northland

Yu Yuan Mei
14 Nov 2022

MY World @ Yishun Northland Celebrates SSDB Launch Party 2022

On 18th April 2022, we had our SSDB Launch Party with N2, K1 & K2 children of M.Y World @ Yishun Northland. The main theme for our SSDB project this year will be “ Let’s treasure our treasure”.

We started the SSDB journey with “Care and Gratitude”. Our children made cards and cake for our community helper, eg : firefighter, town council & Cleaner to show our gratitude towards them.

Our K2 children made the story book with loving messages and read to their family members to appreciate family’s love and care.

Our N2 children made the art & craft for their family members to appreciate family’s love and care. It includes a parent – involvement activity wherein the children ask the members of their family how they feel and what the children can do to make them happy. With this, the children are able to develop awareness of other’s feelings and show empathy towards them.

K1 Children from M.Y World @ Yishun Northland learned how to up cycle. They bought used glass jars to school and transformed it to a love message jar. They wrote love messages to display affection and appreciation to their family members and placed it in the jar to present it to them.

It was a fruitful experience as it creates awareness on how we can take something that no longer in use and give it a second life and new function. 

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