Amanda Tan

My First Skool @ Marine Terrace Blk 18

Amanda Tan
7 Jan 2020

My First Skool at Blk 18 Marine Terrace Community Outreach 2019

To start off the SSDB project for 2019, the teachers introduced to the children the community they were in. My First Skool at 18 Marine Terrace is located in Marine Parade estate. Marine Parade has an e-mascot known as Marley the Dolphin. Marley features in a comic series titled Journey with Marley which acts as an initiative to feature community messages.

The children were shown a poster of Marley the Dolphin. The poster showed the inconsiderate and compassionate side of the daily scenario. This comic strip poster could be found in the lifts and bulletin boards around the Marine Parade neighbourhood. The poster highlights the values of being kind to others and doing good.

The children then discussed what they saw in Marley the dolphin poster. They illustrated and wrote ways they could do good for others.

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