Siti Rahayu

My First Skool @ Blk 698C Jurong West

Siti Rahayu
12 Sep

My First Skool 698C JWC11 CARE pal launch

As part of our focal for this year’s SSDB project, we inagurated the project with a little insight on what’s in it for the kids and the parents throughout this upcoming months.

Our objective of this project is to develop children in becoming future adults who are able to instill care values in them. We want to nuture and develop the young to care for their families, community and themselves.

In preparation for our SSDB launch day, the teachers have come together to brainstorm on some of the many ways we can deliver these objectives through the hands on experience.

For a start, we have gotten the children to create their own care pal bracelet as a token to signify the whole project.

Children were encouraged to spell their name using the alphabet cubes. Not only did this approach built on their letter recognisation skills but it also helped them to work on their fine motor skills perseverance. This hardwork thus symbolises their effort to attain the care goal in the coming months.

PROJECT LAUNCH DAY: 26 April 2019.

We have invited parents over to brief them on what the children have done and will be doing over the next few months. A brief presentation slideshow was conducted to kick start the event. The contents was filled with areas and partnerships that we hope to reach out to was being introduced.

Moving on, we embarked on a parent and child activity. This segment consists of parents and child working together to build their mural heart. On the tiny pieces of hearts, children and parent are to draw and design on the many things that they feel symbolises care.

Here’s what the these supporting participants did!

The pieces were then assembled to complete the mural outlook.

The event was then almost a success… because we have yet entitled these children to be full pledged ambassadors. Hence, the launch ended with a mini passing down ceremony. We got their first care members (parents) to wear the bracelets on their child. It was then ended with some light refreshments and we are ready to call it a day.

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