Angeline Lau Wei Ling

My First Skool @ Kang Ching Road Blk 333

Angeline Lau Wei Ling
23 Sep 2021

My First Skool @ 333 Kang Ching Road

Nursery Recycling Rangers

Our Centre has decided to embark on the topic, ‘Caring for the Environment’.

According to NEA, in 2019, an estimation of 7.23 million tonnes of waste was produced in Singapore. 4.25 million tonnes of the waste were recycled. Singapore is moving towards the goal of being Zero Waste Nation (NEA, 2020).

As preschoolers, early education on caring for the environment is important because this is the most optimal period for children to establish a good habit to care for their environment. Children were introduced to the reasons and consequences if their environment was not being taken care of. Also, the benefits and positive effects were emphasised to the children to allow them to understand how they could help Mother Nature in every little way.

Little Recycling Rangers!

Children shared their responses about the topic of caring for our environment. They were able to share many examples of what are the recyclables.

Children were very proactive in sorting out the recyclables we have in school. All of them helped to create a recycling corner in our class. Volunteers of the Recycle Rangers were very enthusiastic in placing the recyclables to our neighbourhood recycling bin.

We left some recycled materials to do up some crafts. The ideas given by the children were placed into action in the class. Some chose to do up a stationary holder, a few chose to do portable plant pot and the rest were keen in making an Earth garland.

We end off the project by writing a “Promise Card” as a pact that we will do our part to care for our environment!

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