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My First Skool @ Canberra Crescent Blk 120

Nikki Chng
1 Aug

MFS CRC02 - Interview with our centre attendant - Auntie Leela

This term, K1 is embarking on the Phase 2 of our Start Small Dream Big project. Our project theme is “Hello, Thank you!” We hope that through this project, our children can appreciate the elderly by greeting and thanking the elderly at home, in school and in our community.

How old are you?

As part of the children’s inquiry process, the children got to know our centre attendant, Auntie Leela, better. We invited Auntie Leela to our class for a chat. The children asked questions such as “What is your favourite fruit?” “How many children do you have?” “How old are you?”

What do you like to eat?

Bosco asked. Through the interview, we learnt that Auntie has four children. Her youngest grandchild is eight months and she enjoys playing with her. Her favourite fruit is pineapple and she prefers vegetarian food!

Thank you Auntie Leela!

At the end of the interview, the children stood up with respect and said “Thank you Auntie Leela!” The show of our appreciation is befitting as Auntie will be retiring this year. 

The children made a thank-you card before the interview.

A class representative presented Auntie with a K1 handmade card. It was a heartwarming sight to behold.

I will treasure this card.

“I will treasure this card,” Auntie Leela said.

We hope through this interview, not only will our children learn more about our Auntie but also take initiative to know more about our elderly around us in future!

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