Shaenaz Banu

British Council (Singapore) Pre-School

Shaenaz Banu
2 Jul 2020

Message of Hope- Creating Notebooks for the Migrant Workers

The children were happy to prepare individual care packs for our migrant workers. The children started the project by creating notebooks for the migrant workers so that they can pen down their thoughts in them. Each child engaged in a creative art expression to personalise the notebooks they made.

We collected the essential items that parents donated and arranged them in our indoor playground. The children had fun sorting the different essential items into each care pack, including their special notebooks. It’s like going ‘shopping’! Then, they wrapped the care packs beautifully for the migrant workers.

Finally, the children performed a ‘Thank You’ song called “听我说谢谢你” to show appreciation for all the hard work that the migrant workers have put in to build our nation.

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