Cariza May

Learning Vision @ NUH

Cariza May
13 Sep 2019

Marine Animals Conservation Awareness

The N1 children of Learning Vision @ nuhs showed continued effort in their marine animal conservation awareness project. They were engaged in various activities that help them realize the importance of a clean ocean, beaches, surroundings and how to protect the marine animals.

Week 1-4

In the following activities, children were engaged in identifying objects that belong and do not belong to the ocean through colouring and sorting the objects correctly. Children also shared about the posters. The first one shows happy animals and a clean ocean while the other one shows sick animals and a dirty ocean. 

Children also made a craft showing how will the animals feel, if the ocean and their surroundings are full of trash.

To be aware of how to help in cleaning the beaches and ocean, children were also engaged in rubbish picking from the water tub. Children pretended to see rubbish all over the water and they made an effort to pick them all up and throw in the proper bin to make the water clean again for the animals to live.

They also did an activity in which they sorted out the trash by placing them in their corresponding bin. They grouped the cans, plastic bottles and plastic bags/wares accordingly.

week 5-8

To make an effort to spread awareness about marine conservation, children prepared a role-play/ a short movie entitled, “Little Ocean Heroes”. Children played different roles such as the Heroes, sea animals, children and narrators. Children’s movie was recorded and shown in the SSDB culminating activity in the centre.

Children and parents also made a craft of their favourite sea animal using recyclable materials from home.

Culminating Activity

(Make the World a Better Place Fundraising Event)

As a continued effort in spreading awareness about marine conservation and generally about making the whole world a better place, the children and teachers organized a fundraising event entitled “Make the World a Better Place”. All children and parents were involved in various activities such as litter picking, animal trivia and fishing games. They also joined in Canvas painting (showing how to be kind to nature), eco-bag decorating (a shopping bag they can use instead of plastic bags) and short movie screening (Marine Conservation).

The parents and children also made pledges on how to extend their help in making the world a better place for everyone. 

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